Dr. Peter Nelson started his scientific career in the 1960s with the study of nerve impulses in the giant axons of squid. From there he moved to psychophysiological studies of the human brain with particular regard to the process of consciousness, arousal and perception. This interest led to participation in research projects in neuroscience in the US, England and Denmark.
By the early 1980s, Dr Nelson became a social scientist, completed a PhD degree at the University of Queensland, Australia and then focused his research on how people experience and create a picture of reality—whether through the visions of mystics or the daily perceptions and behaviors of ordinary men and women.
Since his conversion from neuroscience to social science he has worked for governments, non-profits and businesses as a research consultant on projects ranging from end-user ethnography to US national surveys to usability research to corporate cultural analysis.
Dr Nelson also is a registered psychologist in Australia and has worked there as a psychological counselor, life coach and as a consultant who regularly provides psychological profiles of offenders to the Australian criminal courts.